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Since 2010: Pilot project

Patrick Geary and Krishna Veeramah at UCLA build a cooperation between historians, geneticists and archaeologists. ... [read more]

Mid-September 2018

Spontaneously, Pohl, Geary, Vida and Krause decide to apply for an ERC Synergy Grant together. .... [read more]

November 9 | 2018

HistoGenes proposal submitted under Synergy Grant call of the European Research Council (ERC) for a three-stage selection process

September 10 | 2019


Third stage of project evaluation: Hearing of the four Principal Investigators at the Synergy Grant Panel in Brussels. ... [read more]

The project has been approved! This is the beginning of an intense phase of preparation and negotiation. ... [read more]

The First HistoGenes Plenary Meeting is held in Vienna ... [read more]

May 1 | 2020

The project officially begins. In spite of problems caused by Covid lockdowns, sample collection and bone powder drilling in Hungary is already going at full speed. ... [read more]

July 2020

The first c. 200 bone powder samples sent from Hungary to the lab at MPI Jena for analysis. Two more batches follow in autumn 2020.

December 2020

The first c. 100 samples from Austria (from the Avar-period cemetery at Leobersdorf) are sent to the Jena lab.

April 2021

Petrous bone drilling before_after Photo

Over 1000 bone powder samples have now been collected.

Photo: Eleftheria Orfanou, Marie Himmel, Franziska Aron, Wolfgang Haak 2020. Minimally-invasive sampling of pars petrosa (os temporale) for ancient DNA extraction.


May 1 | 2021

Happy birthday, HistoGenes!

On May 1, 2021, the HistoGenes project successfully concluded the first year of its research, funded by a Synergy Grant of the European Research Council (ERC). This is an exciting collaboration between geneticists, archaeologists, historians and anthropologists to study the population history of the Carpathian Basin in the 5th to 9th centuries.

... [read more]

September 23-25 |  2021

our HistoGenes team convened for the Second Plenary Meeting ... [read more]

April 1 | 2022

First HistoGenes
article published


On April 1, 2022, our fist HistoGenes article Ancient genomes reveal origin and rapid trans-Eurasian migration of 7th century Avar elites has been published in CELL.

It is open access and can be found here!

April 5 |

Release of the
HistoGenes information video

On April 5, 2022, our first HistoGenes Film "HistoGenes - Integrating genetic, archaeological & historical perspectives on Eastern Central Europe" has been published in YouTube.

Bildschirm­foto 2023-10-05 um 19.00.55.png

April - November | 2022

Exhibition: Riding Nomads in Europe, Huns, Avars, Bulgarians, Hungarians at the Schallaburg

The exhibition was created with the input of several researchers from the HistoGenes team. ....[read more]

Bildschirm­foto 2023-10-05 um 18.54.15.png

July 5 | 2022

HistoGene Team Members  at the Medieval Congress in Leeds

On July 5, 2022, we presented the aims and first results of the HistoGenes project in a strand of two sessions at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds. ...[read more]

HistoGene Team Members  at the "International Congress on the Study of the Middle Ages"

October 18 - 21 | 2022


HistoGenes Plenary Meeting in Budapest

The third HistoGenes Plenary Meeting is held in Budapest at the Institute of Archaeological Sciences, ELTE & Institute of Archaeogenomics,

October 5 | 2022

HistoGenes Seminar - Environmental History Lab, Princeton University

Our researchers Patrick Geary, Krishna Veeramah, István Koncz, Yijie Tian and Deven Vyas will talk about the HistoGenes project. ....[read more]


November 30 | 2022


Since July 2020, 6,000 bone samples have already been taken.


April 27 | 2023

Start of "Researchers of HistoGenes"

In the video series "Researchers of HistoGenes", staff members introduce themselves and their research focus in the HistoGenes project.

May 1 | 2023

Happy birthday HistoGenes!


May 9 | 2023

HistoGenes Workshop on Slovenian Samples | City Museum of Ljubljana

In this workshop, the first results of archaeonmical research on Slovenian samples were presented and discussed.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 15-35-40 IMC 20

July 3 | 2023

HistoGenes at the IMC 2023

HistoGene's researchers gave lectures at IMC on "New Research about Women and Their Kin in the Early Medieval Steppe: Genetic, Archaeological, and Historical Results" at the University of Leeds.

August 30 - September 2 | 2023

HistoGenes at the 29th EAA

Members of the HistoGenes team were invited to speak at the European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting and presented their research in Belfast.

Presentation Paul EAA_edited_edited.jpg

October 1 | 2023

Release of the HistoGenes Shortfilm about the Plenary Meeting 2022 in Budapest


In this short film, you will catch the highlights from the HistoGenes Plenary Meeting 2022.


October 9-11 | 2023

This year, the annual meeting took place in Leipzig at the MPI and at the Landesamt für Denkmalpflege in Halle (Saale).

November 30 | 2023

We have now recorded around 21,300 entries in the HistoGenes project database since July 2020.

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