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HistoGenes in the Media

February 2022 | Austrian Academy of Sciences

Walter Pohl about HistoGenes

In this short portrait cPI Walter Pohl talks about the research on identity, migration, integration and acculturation of people in the distant past, and what makes the HistoGenes project so unique (in German).

Walter Pohl
Johannes Krause

Interview on 10 November 2021 | University of Turin

Identity, Ethnicity and Historical Genetics

In a short interview at the University of Turin, Patrick J. Geary talks about medieval history and its relationship to the present, and what we can learn about society from genetics.


27 February, 2020

There is no national DNA

Genes and History

german Podcast Deutschlandfunk Kultur


From Volkart Wildermuth


Tivadar Vida
Pat Geary
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