Visiting the Schallaburg exhibition on mounted nomads in Europe

HistoGenes PI Patrick J. Geary and Falko Daim, curator of the exhibition and senior archaeological advisor for HistoGenes at the Schallaburg exhibition in June 2022

​picture credits: Patrick J. Geary

For further information about the exhibiton on the Schallaburg website please click here!

Workshop of the Vienna HistoGenes team together with Zuzana Hofmanová,
group leader of the Leipzig team, at the Schallaburg, May 10, 2022

The Schallaburg in Lower Austria currently is the location of a major exhibition on the European steppe peoples of the Early Middle Ages, Huns, Avars, Bulgars and Hungarians. The exhibition war curated by team member Falko Daim, former director of the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum at Mainz. The Vienna team assembled here for discussing the interpretation of the latest genetic data from Avar-period cemeteries in Austria, which was presented by team member Ke Wang, attending online from Shanghai, and Zuzana Hofmanová. Exciting new results will now be prepared for publication after a thorough comparison of the evidence provided by all disciplines involved. After the meeting, Falko Daim gave us all a guided tour through the exhibition, in which stunning objects from the period we study are assembled. The exhibition, which also features the HistoGenes project, will be open until early November, and is a unique occasion to get an overview of steppe culture in early medieval Europe.

From left to right: Bendeguz Tobias, Paul Klostermann, Salvatore Liccardo, Sandra Wabnitz, Zuzana Hofmanová, Doris Pany-Kucera, Falko Daim, Margit Berner, Constanze Schattke, Ingrid Hartl, Sabine Eggers, Avar warrior,  Karin Wiltschke-Schrotta and cPI Walter Pohl

picture credits: Walter Pohl

The Archaeological Conference of Central Germany, Halle | 7-9 October 2021

Johannes Krause gives his HistoGenes presentation at the Archaeological Conference in Halle.
Tivadar Vida gives his HistoGenes presentation at the Archaeological Conference in Halle.
Sandra Wabnitz gives her HistoGenes presentation at the Archaeological Conference in Halle.

Second HistoGenes Plenary Meeting, 23-25 Sep 2021, Vienna

Exkursion to excavation sites in the Pannonian plain east of Lake Neusiedl.
photo_ Walter Pohl
photo_ Ingrid Hartl
photo_ Ingrid Hartl
photo_ Ingrid Hartl
photo_ Ingrid Hartl
photo_ Ingrid Hartl
photo_ Ingrid Hartl
photo_ Walter Pohl
photo_ Walter Pohl

From left to right: Paul Klostermann, Doris Pany-Kucera, Olga Spekker, Bendeguz Tobias, Corina Knipper, Erika Molnar, István Koncz, Margit Berner, Tamara Leskovar, Balázs Mende, Sabine Eggers, Tamás Szeniczey, Tivadar Vida, Walter Pohl, Johannes Krause, Patrick Geary, Ronny Friedrich, Alexander Herbig, Lumír Polacek, Zuzana Hofmanová, Alina Hiss,
Matej Ruttkay, Sandra Wabnitz, Salvatore Liccardo, Karin Wiltschke-Schrotta, Luca Traverso, Guido Gnecchi Ruscone, Vujadin Ivanisevic, Denisa Zlámalová, Zsófia Rácz, Falko Daim, Levente Samu, Mária Krošláková, Ingrid Hartl

picture credits: Dagmar Giesriegl


First HistoGenes Plenary Meeting, 18-19 February 2020, Vienna

From left to right:

Falko Daim, Balázs Mende,

Marianne Pollheimer-Mohaupt,

Bendeguz Tobias,Zsófia Rácz, Adam Izdebski, Balázs Gyuris, Tina Milavec, Choongwon Jeong,
Alexander Herbig, Sabine Eggers, Ronny Friedrich, Walter Pohl, István Koncz, Corina Knipper,

Anna Szécsényi-Nagy, Krishna Veeramah,

Margit Berner, Patrick J. Geary, Deven Vyas,

Doris Pany, Johannes Krause,Tivadar Vida,

Vujadin Ivanišević, Tamás Hajdu

picture credits: Max Diesenberger