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IAS | Institute for Advanced Studies

The Institute for Advanced Study is one of the world’s leading centers for theoretical research and intellectual inquiry. Founded in 1930, it is a private, independent academic institution located in Princeton, New Jersey. Its more than 8,000 former Members have held positions of intellectual and scientific leadership throughout the academic world. Thirty-three Nobel Laureates and 42 out of 60 Fields Medalists, as well as many winners of the Wolf, Barzun, and MacArthur prizes, have been affiliated with the Institute. Synergy from the outstanding social scientists, systems biologists and mathematicians at the Institute assist co-Principal Investigator Patrick Geary in both theoretical and methodological innovations throughout the project. The Institute also hosts the project’s web site and provides the needed infrastructure for advancing the work of the PI and the team in the Veeramah Lab at Stony Brook University.


In addition to working closely with Krishna Veeramah and his team at Stony Brook University, Geary shares, with the other Principle Investigators, responsibility for the over-all design and execution of HistoGenes. He also develops, in collaboration with Walter Pohl in Vienna, the over-arching historical analysis of the region, researches and published on the problematic history of previous research projects that attempted to combine archaeological, textual, and biological data, and he lectures and publishes on the problems of the misappropriation and misuse of genetic and historical research.

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