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Anna Szécsényi-Nagy and István Koncz at the EAA Annual Meeting 2021

468 Biosocial Archaeology

At the European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting this year members of the HistoGenes presented three talks in session 468 Biosocial Archaeology:

When Ancient DnA Opens The Discussion To Social Structures

co-organised by HistoGenes team members Anna Szécsényi-Nagy and István Koncz.

  • Gnecchi-Ruscone et al. Ancient Genomes Reveal Social And Geographic Structuring Of The Population In Carpathian Basin At The Time Of The Avar Empire

  • Vyas, Deven et al. Investigating Kinship Practices Through Dense Spatial And Temporal Sampling Of 5-6th Century Cemeteries In Pannonia

  • Tian, Yijie et al. Investigating Kindreds And Waves Of Migration In 6-8th Century Northern Italy Through Archaeological And Paleogenomic Analyses



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